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The TVR Tamora was the entry level convertible in the new generation of TVR's using the TVR Speed 6 power unit. It was created to follow on the from the very popular TVR Chimaera and Griffith convertibles which had ceased production in 2002. In the same way that the Chimaera was engineered to be a more accessible sister to the Griffith, so the Tamora is based on the Tuscan Speed Six, whose platform it shares. The TVR Tamora was produced from late 2002 and was the base for the TVR T350 which was effectively the coupe version although the styling was noticeably different. Production of the TVR Tamora started in 2002 and ran through to the last models being registered in 2006.

The TVR Tamora and T350 were only supplied with the 3.6 litre version of the TVR Speed Six whereas the TVR Tuscan had access to both the 3.6 and 4.0 litre variants of the TVR Speed Six engine.

The Tamora grew in popularity due to its style, flair, performance and affordability. With more conservative styling than the Tuscan and more recognisable TVR styling cues, the Tamora had been designed to be less extreme and indeed simpler in some aspects than the Tuscan. For example, the car is a full convertible with the roof mechanism being the acclaimed “stowable” hard-top design from the Griffith and Chimaera. The covered headlights and clean lines have echoes of Griffith and Chimaera but are more modern in their design.

It's with the Tamora interior where the stylists and engineers have surpassed themselves with a multi-function digital display, shift lights and two analogue dials for quick glance down viewing of speed and engine revs. There are two leather trimmed race-style bucket seats made out of lightweight composites to hold the driver and passenger in place and a floor mounted pedal box which is located through to the chassis. The window mechanism is of the Tuscan/Cerbera generation in that the window will slide up into the seal for less wind noise at speed.

The TVR Tamora was to go on to provide the foundation for the fastback design TVR T350, and this ultimately led to the awesome TVR Sagaris which reached the market in 2005.

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6-cylinder inline alloy engine with 4 valves per cylinder and dry sump lubrication



Max power

350 bhp @ 7200 rpm

Max torque

290 ft.lbs @ 5500 rpm


0 - 60 mph

4.4 seconds

0 - 100 mph

9.5 seconds

Max speed

9.5 seconds


All round independent – double wishbones and coil over gas dampers assisted by anti-roll bars


Front: 304mm ventilated disc brakes with 4 piston alloy callipers Rear: 282mm ventilated disc brakes with single piston sliding callipers


Power assisted rack and pinion

Wheels and Tyres

16 inch aluminium alloy wheels, 225/50 ZR16 tyres

Our View

The engine is a 3.6 litre version of TVR's own straight six, pushing out 350 bhp at 7200 rpm giving the car extremely brisk performance. In fact it reaches 60 mph in 4.4 seconds. The Tamora shares the technology of the 4.0 litre Speed Six engine found in the Cerbera and the Tuscan as well as that found in the successful Tuscan R racing car. It does, however, sound different due to an all-new stainless steel and titanium exhaust system.

Handling is benign but involving with double wishbones and coil springs over gas filled shock absorbers and the ride makes it easy to use every day. Brakes are considerable cross drilled and ventilated discs all round with four piston callipers at the front and the front roll cage and door beams are manufactured out of very strong T45 steel. Despite all this hardware, the composite bodywork and weight-saving construction methods mean weighs just over 1,000 kg.

Racing Green TVR can resolve all problems with TVR Tamoras and also now offer numerous performance upgrades from engine management to high performance shock absorbers so please look at the Upgrade tag for further information on this fabulous sports car. Secondhand TVR Tamoras are readily available in the used car market but superb examples are getting steadily harder to find. Racing Green TVR always aims to hold used TVR Tamoras in stock and to book a test drive or enquire about TVR Tamoras in stock please call our Sales Department on 01252 894790 or 01252 894795.

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